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About antique Botanical prints

Antique prints of plants and flowers are just the thing to brighten up any room. I have a good selection of antique botanical prints in stock. Above is just a selection, so if you don’t find the plant or flower you are looking for please do contact me.

Buy my English posies!
Kent and Surrey may-
Violets of the Undercliff
Wet with Channel spray;
Cowslips from a Devon combe-
Midland furze afire-
Buy my English posies
And I’ll sell your heart’s desire!

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) devised the formal naming system we use to classify all life form. He began growing his own plants in his family’s garden, and then began searching further afield for new plants. He became a Botany lecturer at the age of 23 and wrote a number of major works in which he introduced a two-part naming system which became known as Linnaean taxonomy. Two of his works, the first edition of the Species Plantarum (1753) for plants and the tenth edition of the Systema Naturae (1758), are accepted as part of the starting points of modern nomenclature now known as the Binomial nomenclature system. Naturgeschichte des Pflanzenreichs in Bildern, published by Schreiber and Schill in 1853, uses the Linnaean system, and I have four fine examples above from this edition.

Encyclopaedia Londinensis or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Science and Literature was compiled by John Wilkes(1750-1810)of Milland House, West Sussex, printed for the proprietor by J. Adlard. It was published from 1801-1828 in 24 volumes. There are many very fine examples above, such as Pentstemon, Sweet Peas, Laurus, Garcinia, Illecebrun, Pelargoniums, and others, of the copperplate illustrations in the Encyclopaedia.



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