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Prints of Islands

Antique scenes & views from Islands, including landscapes, townscapes, historical buildings and genre scenes. See Island Maps for maps of Islands.

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About antique Prints of Islands

Islands are land surrounded entirely by water. Some are the result of volcanic action, some are probably the summits of mountain ranges of continents slowly rising or sinking beneath the ocean level. Some islands which are situated close to the continents, could have once been connected to the mainland.

There is an  engraving of The Friendly Islands by William Wade Ellis who accompanied Capt. Cooke in his last voyage, and soon after his return published an account of it, in two octavo volumes. The engravings of the Ladrones and the Isle of Lema are by Jakob van der Schley (1715-1779)a Dutch draughtsman and engraver.
There are also views of some Islands in the Mediterranean and others.



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