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Sphere Artificielle ou Armilaire Oblique, 1716

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Sphere Artificielle ou Armilaire Oblique, elevee sur l’Horizon a la latitude de Paris.
Showing different systems by Ticho Brahe, Copernicus, Descartes, Ptolomy. The sun according to P.Kircher, the moon and stars according to M.Cassini and more.There is also written information on Spheres. In the upper left and right corners, a fine depiction of the Northern & Southern Celestial Hemispheres is shown, taken from the work of Gabrielle Philippe de La Hire, one of France’s most important astronomers.
This outstanding French copper plate engraving, with contemporary hand colouring, engraved by P. Starckman, is by Nicholas de Fer, cartographer, dans l’Isle du Palais sur le quay de l’Orloge a la sphere Royale 1716.

Size 62 x 49.5 cm. Condition Good.

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