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Antique scenes & views from the United States, including landscapes, townscapes, historical buildings and genre scenes. See United States Maps for maps of the United States.

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About W.H. Bartlett, the illustrator.

William Henry Bartlett (1809-1854) was trained as an architect, but became a prolific print illustrator, who contributed to a remarkable number of engravings during his brief career. I have a large selection of antique W.H. Bartlett prints.

Exceptionally, W.H.Bartlett travelled to all the places he drew, unlike many of his contemporaries who worked up their pictures from sketches by others.
Bartlett’s output was prodigious, almost all of it destined for the engravers at the behest of a publisher. Only six of his paintings were exhibited at London galleries during his lifetime.
Most of W.H.Bartlett prints are steel engravings, this being the dominant illustrative process between around 1825 and 1845.
He made four voyages to the United States and Canada between the years 1836 and 1852, the result of which appeared in " American Scenery" and "Canadian  Scenery.  Many of his beautiful illustrations are shown above.





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