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Lyre Bird Certhia Tichdroma Sitta Menura c.1860 Prints KittyPrint 1800s Birds

Lyre Bird, Certhia, Tichdroma, Sitta Menura, c.1860

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Lyre Bird, Certhia, Tichdroma, Sitta Menura.
Four illustrations of Creeper, Wall Creeper, Nuthatch, and Lyre bird.
This high quality, hand coloured engraving is from The Museum of natural history; Being an Account etc of The Animal Kingdom by Sir John Richardson, William S. Dallas. T. Spencer Cobbold, William Baird, Adam White Curators etc. The early years of the nineteenth century saw a great amount of Encyclopaedias being published. They contain fascinating information about every aspect of life including the industrial and scientific revolutions of the time. This engraving is by Nath.j.Holmes, engraved by J.W.Lowry.
Published by William Mackenzie, circa 1860.

Size 18 x 27 cm. Condition Good.

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