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Antique Print, Northern Ducks and Birds, 1755

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Six hand coloured engravings of Ducks and Birds of Norway. Showing the Norway Partridge, the Eider Duck, the Northers Diver, the Cock of the Wood or Capercaillie and more.  Eider ducks are well taken care of by the people in Vega. They build nests and small house for them as protection against predators. In return, people get both eggs and the finest natural down available – eider down.
The engravings are from “Natural History of Norway” by Right Rev. Erich Pontoppidan, Bishop of Bergen.
Printed for A.Linde, bookseller to R.H.the Princess Dowager of Wales, 1755.

Size 36 x 22 cm. Condition Very Good. 

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