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Antique Print, Simiae, 8 species of Monkeys, 1827

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Eight species of monkey. Copperplate engraving by A.Bell from an Encyclopaedia, 1827.

Size 20 x 26 cms. Condition Good.

The print includes a foot note naming each species.  In modern understanding of zoological nomenclature some of these names are nomen oblitum.  Species include:
  • * Hamadryas dog-faced monkey - modern common name Hamadryas baboon, native to the Horn of Africa;
  • * Silenus albibarbatus or lion-tailed monkey - modern common name Lion-tailed macaque, endemic to the Western Ghats of South India;
  • * Cynomologus or hare-liped monkey - modern common name Crab-eating or long-tailed macaque, native to Southeast Asia;
  • * Cynocephalus or dog-headed monkey - modern common name Yellow baboon, inhabits savannas and light forests in eastern Africa;
  • * Sabaeus or green-monkey - known by the same name today, found in Western Africa
  • * Ethiops or mangabey - modern understanding of monkey species means that this could refer to three different genus of Old World monkey found across Central Africa.
  • * Aygula or Egret - The Aygula is the former name for the Javan surili, an endangered species endemic to the western half of Java, Indonesia.  Other common names by which it is known by include gray, grizzled or Sunda Island surili; grizzled or stripe-crested langur; Javan grizzled langur; grizzled, Java or Javan leaf monkey; langur gris;
  • * Cercopithecus regalis or king monkey - modern common name King colobus or Western black-and-white colobus, found in costal lowland and mountain rainforest in West Africa

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