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Antique Print, The Ceremony of Confirmation, 1734

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Confirmation performed after another Manner. Showing two very detailed illustrations.
Confirmation is a sacrament, ritual or rite of passage practised by several Christian denominations. The engraving is from “The Ceremonies and Religious Customs of Various Nations of the known world,”published in 1734.
Picart and Bernard were French Calvinists who were persecuted in France. They sought refuge in Amsterdam, and formed what is known as the Enlightenment. The two men produced a multi-volume work that made readers – in French, English, Dutch and German – see religion in a new way. Bernard Picart (1673-1733) was one of the most prolific and talented engravers of his age. Jean Frederic Bernard (1683-1744) was a French language bookseller and publisher. Jean-Frédéric Bernard was really the author, while Bernard Picart had provided the work of hundreds of beautiful engravings. Bernard declared that in general all religions were similar. Together they sought to capture the ritual and ceremonial life of all the known religions of the world. published in 1734.

Size 25 x 40 cm. Condition Good.

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